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bed and breakfast D-day landing beaches in Normandy, France

Tourism & leisure

The central position of the Bed and Breakfast in Normandy near Cherbourg will enable you to visit a lot of interest sites, the d-day landing beaches, the mont saint Michel, Bayeux, Valognes. You will be able to take long healthy walks along the numerous beaches of the east coast (Quinéville, St Vaast Hougue, Barfleur...) and the west coast (Barneville&Carteret, Portbail...) or lie on the sandy beaches or have fun in the sea.

  • The D-Days landing Beaches Utah beach and Omaha beach, Saint Mère l'église, arromanche, pointe du Hoc, ww2 monuments (10mn to 40 mn from the b&b).

  • Museum and history in la Manche, the Mont Saint Michel .

  • La Hague cap, customs path the "Chemin des douaniers"(GR223) follows the chiffs and the beaches all around the peninsula, Carentan's marshes.

  • Valognes with the Hotel de Beaumont and the Cider museum.

  • Sport and activities: water activities sailing kites wind buggy speed-sail, golf, hiking, hot-air balloon flight.

  • Gardens and floral parks in the Cotentin.

  • The Bayeux tapestry and the "Cathédrale Notre-dame" in Bayeux, Valognes, Cherbourg, Saint vaast la Hougue, Barfleur.

  • The Channel islands Jersey and Guernesey, Sark, Herm.

  • The ferries for the United Kingdom (Brittany ferries) are accessible from Cherbourg and the channels islands from Carteret and Diélette.

Museum, heritage & history:


The Mont Saint Michel:The Wonder of the Western World forms a tower in the heart of an immense bay invaded by the highest tides in Europe
The cité de la mer Cherbourg The cité de la Mer opened its doors in April 2002, in the old Transatlantic Terminal of Cherbourg, at the tip of the Cotentin Peninsula. It is the ideal place to discover the adventures of man in the deep seas. How do we explore the oceans? And how can we use its resources? Site internet
Cider and Calvados museum Valognes Phone : 02 33 40 22 73 
Ludiver Planétarium Cap de la hague
Maison de Jacques Prévert Omonville la petite In the 1930s, Jacques Prévert and his friends discovered this little corner of paradise called Hague Headland. In 1970, he bought this house and lived their till his death in April 1977. In the small cemetery of Omonville, Prévert and his set-designer friend Trauner rest in peace alongside Janine Prévert, his wife and Michelle, his daughter. Phone : 
Montfarville church Montfarville The Montfarville church was built in 1763 of a local white granit, and contains exceptional works of art, notably the virgin with child in multicoloured stone, as well as four large wooden statues. 
Hotel de beaumont valognes The Hotel de Beaumont is an elegant private mansion of the 18th century, magnificently preserved and furnished. It is open to visits from July 1st to September 15th and all week-ends of the year ; it is unquestionably worth the detour. Phone: 02 33 40 12 30 
Pirou Castle was built in the 12th century on an artificial island protected by three moats, five fortified gates, and high ramparts. It is the oldest Norman castle. phone : 02 33 46 34 71 
Crosville Castle, Crosville sur Douve: Castle built in the 16th and 17th centuries, listed building (private property, lived in). In the heart of the Cotentin marshes, Crosville Castle has the severe and sober majesty of the great seignorial constructions of this period. The castle puts on many activities and exhibitions. Phone : 02 33 41 67 25 
Gatteville lighthouse Gatteville Built in 1829 - 1834 .

The Landing beaches and ww2 monuments:


Airborne museum Sainte mère l'eglise. The Airborne Museum contains an exhibition on the American airborne landings of June 5th and 6th 1944. Waco Glider, Douglas C47 aeroplane, half-track, Dodge, Jeep... Arms, documents, photos, mementos... Original film Fight for Freedom, interactive displays on the Battle for Normandy.
Landing museum Utah-Beach.
Musée mémorial Omaha Beach.
Pointe du Hoc.
American cemetery Colleville.
Arromanches 360 Arromanche Circular cinema.

Outings and Nature:


With 355 Km of coastline, more than 4500 Km of marked paths, 2 Regional Wilderness Areas, 5 nature reserves and 4000 hectares of land acquired as sensitive natural areas, the Manche is rich with a many-faceted preserved nature. On foot, on bicycle, on mountain bikes, on horseback, in canoes-kayaks, in wind buggies or surfing, or fishing or climbing, all the assets of the Manche in France are open to you, allowing you to practice your favorite activity at your own rhythm. 
La Hague cap.
Carentan's Marshes Carentan.

Sports and unusual activities:


Normandie montgolfiere: Exclusive hot-air balloon flight, Several possibilities. 
wind sports wind sports, sailing, kites, wind buggy and speed-sail can be practiced by the whole family or among friends. 
Les écuries de la gare Horse riding. Phone: 02 33 41 11 21.
Golf de Cherbourg Cherbourg From 9 to 18 holes, the variety and the quality of the golf courses in La Manche in France are very appreciated by the golf fanatics. Golf de Cherbourg (LA GLACERIE) - 9 holesClub-house Phone : 02 33 44 45 48. Golf Fontenay-sur-Mer : Golf en bordure de Mer - 9 holes Club-house Phone : 
Gliding center Vauville Phone : 02 33 52 77 72.
Forest adventure Saint sauveur le vicomte Phone 02 33 52 57 42 .
Cotentin vol libre Les Pieux Site internet skydive Aerodrome de Bréville-sur-Mer Phone : 02 33 91 76 02.

Parks and Gardens:


Park of Château des Ravalet Tourlaville.
Botanic garden of Château de Vauville.
Château and park of Nacqueville.
Floral parck of Château de Martinvast.




Valognes This town was almost entirely rebuilt after the Second World War, and is proud of the few remaining great houses that remain in the town, once known as the Versailles of Normandy.- 18th century townhouse of Beaumont.- regional cider museum in the Grand Quartier lodge.- museum of brandy and ancient crafts in the Thieuville townhouse.
Saint vaast la hougue
Barfleur Barneville Carteret
Bayeux Bayeux has preserved the old historic centre with its medieval structure. Its exceptional architectural heritage emerged unscathed from the Allied bombing raids of 1944. A unique masterpiece in the world, the Bayeux Tapestry is actually an embroidery made from wool on linen canvas during the 11th century. 
The islands: Jersey Jersey, Guernsey, Sark, Herm and Alderney are a complete change of scene and a world away from France . Make the most of your trip with duty-free shopping. 
Tatihou Island, just off the coast from the little port of Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue and a stone's throw from Barfleur, is an idyll for seabirds and lovers of history, nature and the environment. Attractions include the maritime museum, the gardens and the shipwright's workshop where traditional boats are restored. 
Barneville Carteret port Ferries for the Channel Islands, Jersey and Guernesey. 

Cherbourg port Ferries for England or Irland. 

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musee omaha
Le musée airborne
plage à carteret
Le chateau de Pirou
Le musée à Utah beach
Hotel de beaumont à Valognes
Baie d'ecalgrain
Le débarquement
Le chateau de croville
Le cimetière américain
Le bateau des marais de carentan
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